The SANUM-Kehlbeck company presents its new external image.

A family business with a deep tradition meets the challenges of today - with a new logo, a new website and a modern training concept for SANUM therapy.

Since its foundation in 1973 by Heinrich Kehlbeck, the medium-sized company in the heart of the county of Hoya has developed into an internationally successful pharmaceutical company. SANUM-Kehlbeck stands for high-quality, well-tolerated and safe medicinal products, all of which are manufactured at the Hoya site. The SANUM therapy behind it is known as a unique form of therapy worldwide, which naturally regulates the balance of microorganisms, the internal milieu and the immune system in the organism in order to treat acute and chronic diseases.

The family business, currently in its third generation, focuses on integrating the tradition, which has proven itself for about 50 years, into a modern world. "We have set ourselves the goal of illuminating SANUM therapy within the framework of modern, scientific knowledge and preparing it in a more understandable concept for users. In order to facilitate not only the access, but also the deepening of this unique form of therapy," says Jennifer Kehlbeck, CEO of SANUM-Kehlbeck. "At the same time, for us as a tradition-conscious company, the focus is on maintaining what has been tried and tested. We will not change anything in terms of quality, safety, availability and, above all, the composition of the medicines. The large product portfolio and the reliable team of SANUM-Kehlbeck will also be maintained. We will merely communicate our company and therapy to the outside world in a fresher and dynamic design from now on."



A total of around 100 employees work at the main plant in Hoya. From research, development, production, sales and shipping - everything takes place under one roof. On a total area of more than 10,000 square meters, pharmaceuticals in various dosage forms are manufactured daily according to GMP guidelines, the highest international quality standards in pharmaceutical manufacturing. The active ingredients produced and protected in-house from microorganisms - bacteria, yeasts and fungi - are unique in the field of natural medicine. In Germany at least, more than 40,000 prescribers use the SANUM preparations, which are known for their effectiveness, including physicians, alternative practitioners, therapists and specialists. SANUM's international distribution network, with more than 20 permanent foreign representatives, extends to over 40 countries around the globe.


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