Children only have one childhood

In addition to the focus on health and a holistic view of our bodies, we are also personally committed to caring for disadvantaged children. The feeling of security, acceptance, love and care that the majority of our population in Germany experienced during childhood is not taken for granted by many children in the rest of the world.


It is known that emotionally neglected children may have delayed or disturbed physical and mental development. In the case of infants, it reaches a point that they are not viable without a loving affection. These developmental disorders have an influence on later life and thus also on possible diseases.

If is therefore all the more important for us to support the SOS Children’s Villages. Since 1996, we have nine sponsored children in different countries who have every day another reason to trust the world thank to the work of the organisation.

Facilitators at the Lebenshilfe Nienburg

“Lebenshilfe Nienburg GmbH offers a wide range of services throughout the district of Nienburg/Weser with a high level of professional qualification and personal commitment. Here, the focus of the accompaniment is on the wishes and requirements of people with and without disabilities in every situation and phase of life in order to enable everyone to act in a self-determined manner as well as to participate in society.”

Thanks to the workshop located in our region aimed at people with disabilities, we are able to continuously award contracts to Lebenshilfe and thus promote social participation. For two years now, Lebenshilfe has been supporting us with the enveloping of invitations to trade fairs and seminars, the insertion of flyers and sending of the SANUM mail. Likewise, grids are attached for our medical product test box which we process further. 



The cooperation
with SANUM-Kehlbeck always offers new and exciting fields of activity. The “togetherness” in business relations can be felt in all levels of personnel.
Kostja Begemann, Lebenshilfe Nienburg

Regional commitment

As one of the largest employers in the region, we also feel the need to support local associations financially. The Katherinenmarkt zu Hoya e.V. is an association for the promotion and presentation of historical culture in Hoya and the region. The basketball club around the RV Hoya offers young children a ball school and teenagers the opportunity to exercise during basketball training or participate in team games.


Furthermore, we provide regular financial support to the volunteer fire brigade in Hoya, the range of tasks of which is very varied and demanding. Fire fighting operations, technical assistance after serious traffic accidents as well as preventive fire protection, to name but a few.

Careful use of resources

Careful use of natural resources is very important to us.


The entire manufacturing process of our medical products takes place exclusively at the company headquarters in Hoya. Both the raw materials and the finished products are manufactured here. There are no additional costs for transport or packaging. Furthermore, the raw materials, wherever possible, and packaging materials are purchased regionally.