Medicine in balance

with nature

In harmony with nature we experience health, energy and joy of life. The disturbance of this balance affects our well-being and promotes the development of diseases.

A natural medicine uses the forces and systems of nature to maintain and restore health. This is the basis of folk and natural medicine which, in its understanding, considers things holistically and man as a unity of body, mind and soul. So important naturopathic teachings, such as Traditional Chinese Medicine, Ayurvedic Medicine and Traditional Occidental Medicine, developed in the course of mankind from this attitude.

These therapeutic methods, mainly based on experience, were able to develop over centuries. They all have in common the conviction that on earth and in the universe everything is connected with everything.

Microorganisms - life essential partners

Today, science with its modern cellular and molecular biological methods confirms that this principle, that everything is interconnected, also applies to the part of life that is not visible to us. Thus, we live together with a wide variety of bacteria, fungi and viruses that we encounter in our environment, but that also live within us. The idea that this is not only a coexistence, but also a cooperation, with important functions for our health, was already postulated by some biologists and physicians at the beginning of the last century. In addition, there was the realization that biological processes are dependent on the environment. Just as the condition of the water in a lake determines the viability of the fauna and flora, bacteria and fungi also change depending on the environment around them.


"The microbe is nothing, the milieu is everything!"
declared already in the 19th century by Antoine Béchamp. A deviation of the internal milieu, e.g. of the acid-base balance, thus leads to a change in the microbial community and can then result in the development of diseases. In turn, a restoration of the internal milieu stimulates the body's own regulatory processes, which counteract diseases and promote health. In addition, the bacteria and fungi themselves also have a direct influence on functions in the human as well as the animal organism. This is shown by the results of the microbiome project for the bacteria and the mycobiome project for the lower fungi in humans. This special relationship between humans, animals and microorganisms is used by our SANUM therapy.

SANUM therapy –

Your path to microbial balance

SANUM therapy is a unique therapeutic concept that uses medicinal products from various microorganisms to support or restore the microbial balance and thus the regulatory capacity of the body. The medicines are made from specific bacteria (Bacto preparations) and lower fungi (Myco preparations) according to a traditional and proprietary process. Depending on the disease, these can be used as single remedies or in combination with other SANUM preparations from plant and organ extracts, physiological carboxylic acids as well as from mineral and trace elements in the therapy. SANUKEHL® preparations, which are also produced from bacteria or fungi in a specific process, represent a special group of medicines and expand the range of applications of the entire range of medicines for especially chronic diseases.

The selection of medicines for the treatment of acute and chronic diseases can be made with the help of the SANUM-Kompass and the elements of SANUM therapy, which can be called System-, Base- and Immune-Regulation and assigned to corresponding regulatory processes of the body.

The aim of SANUM therapy is to gently support the body's natural regulatory processes, for a healthy life in microbial balance.

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