Everything from a single source

from the active ingredient to the finished product

We produce the homoeopathic raw materials and finished medical products of almost the entire range of preparations at all stages of production at our company headquarters in Hoya/Weser. This sole production site is also the central hub for supplying the markets at home and abroad. Thanks to a high degree of flexibility, we ensure that even the smallest order quantity can be delivered worldwide. In doing so, we pay great attention to meeting the diverse regulatory requirements in the countries where we sell our products.

With modern production facilities and premises, both in manufacturing and in the biotechnology centre, we produce the starting material of microbial origin and also offer a wide range of dosage forms, which are constantly adapted to current conditions and, where possible, do without additives.

The portfolio

traditional yet modern in application

Injections, eye drops, drops, nasal spray, tablets, capsules, powder, suppositories and ointments: You can choose from nine different dosage forms in various potencies, enabling comprehensive therapy.

In recent years, the number of patients suffering from systemic diseases or from exposure to various environmental toxins has increased dramatically. These patients require good adjustment of medications in terms of dosage and potency. Our wide range of dosage forms and potencies enables a therapy that can be optimally adapted to the patient’s symptoms and sensitivity.

We offer more than 80 different active ingredients, which can be individually combined depending on the clinical picture and the patient. In this way, novel diseases can also be treated. The range of preparations, so far free of side effects, is supplemented by herbal preparations and complex remedies, which are tailored to various disease complexes.

Product overview