"Cycle to Work" – Participants (from left) Anja Weiß, Pia Hofmann, Krystyna Kowalewski, Ines Hofmann, Ilsabe Radatz, Elke Böttger, Anita Scheffelmeier, Klaus Witthöft, Andrea Zelle, Dr. Dieter Sonntag

“Cycle to work"

“When we are small, we move around a lot. And then all of a sudden it becomes less. And at some point we realise that it's not good for us.“ - This is an excerpt from the advertising campaign of the AOK in cooperation with the ADFC for this year's "Cycle to Work" campaign.

We are taught from an early age that exercise and fresh air are important for maintaining good health. But we don't always succeed in integrating this into our everyday lives alongside work, family and busy schedules. Self-motivation certainly also plays a big role here.

That's why we are all the more pleased about campaigns like the one organised by the AOK. After all, cycling is a way to promote health on the way to work and to turn the time lost on the way into a big gain for your well-being.

So some SANUM employees turned their way to work into a training route and were able to collect a lot of kilometres from 1 May to 31 August.


"I covered a total of 650 km on 36 days during this period," says Pia Hofmann. "I combine my commute with dropping off and picking up our son from the childminder. On the rainy days, however, our bike stayed in the garage, because on those days our son decided that we should rather take the car."

More than 20 SANUM employees cycle between 6 and 30 km to work every day. Some walk. Unfortunately, we were not able to take pictures of all the hard-working cyclists, so only half of the SANUM cycling team can be seen.

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“Cycle to work"

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