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Tradition in a
modern light

We integrate almost 50 years of tradition and know-how into a modern world while preserving the tried and tested.

Although the theory about the importance of micro-organisms in the human organism was clearly contrary to scientific understanding at that time, he was convinced of the effect of the unique products,  based on his own experience, and thus did pioneering work in establishing a very special form of therapy. From this point on, the focus was on building up the SANUM-Kehlbeck company. Further premises were purchased and production started. In 1976, the first product from the company‘s own manufacture was sold and an extraordinary story began.

A passion for generations

SANUM-Kehlbeck stands for high-quality, well-tolerated and safe medicines, all of which are manufactured in Germany. The SANUM therapy has been known for years as a unique form of therapy that naturally regulates the balance of microorganisms, the elimination functions and the immune system in the human body.

It is therefore very important for us to make it clear at this point that the proven SANUM therapy will remain as it is. We will not change anything about the quality, safety, availability and above
all the composition of the medicinal products. The wide product portfolio, the selection of dosage forms and the reliable SANUM-Kehlbeck team will all remain unchanged.



› Proven SANUM therapy
› Product quality
› Product safety
› Availability of the remedies
› Same composition of remedies
› Wide range of products
› Selection of dosage forms
› Family run business
› Manufactured in Hoya/Germany
› Reliable team

Over the years, however, we have noticed that, although the theory of the importance of microorganisms for the human organism goes back to the beginning of the 20th century and more than 40,000 prescribers use the preparations in Germany alone, the concept is still not recognized in all areas. In today‘s fast-paced world, it can therefore be difficult for some newcomers or users to quickly and easily understand the background of the therapy as well as the possible applications and thus to exploit the full potential of the products.


The aim was to highlight the SANUM therapy, which has been tried and tested for decades, in the context of modern, scientific findings, to convey the SANUM therapy to established therapists, but also to new, interested therapists, in a clearly structured and comprehensible training concept and, last but not least, to present the corporate culture and values of SANUM-Kehlbeck in a young and dynamic corporate design.



SANUM Therapy within the Context of Current Scientific Knowledge

SANUM therapy looks back on a long tradition. It began over 100 years ago when researchers such as Bechamp, Bernard and Enderlein described the special role of microorganisms in maintaining a person‘s health. The basis for this is the understanding that in the course of evolution, microorganisms had a decisive influence on the development of humans and thus life
arose in symbiosis. Nevertheless, for a long time most bacteria and fungi were regarded in medicine rather as unwelcome inhabitants of the intestine as well as pathogens. In recent times, modern science has increasingly focused on the importance of microorganisms for the human organism. The now popular Microbiome Project laid the foundation for a new understanding of how bacteria and humans live together. The subsequent Mycobiome Project, which investigated fungi in humans, also brought new insights into fungi and their physiological function in the organism. A paradigm shift occurred in medicine because the relationship between humans and microorganisms was recognized as a fundamentally life-sustaining symbiosis. The  microorganisms of humans and animals are now even said to have organ-like functions with regulatory tasks for the immune, hormone and nervous systems. From observation of the wild, we know that soil microorganisms need a certain soil environment to fulfil their tasks within the ecosystem.




In humans, too, microorganisms need a healthy internal environment to maintain their functions. If this is disturbed, this leads to changes in the human medical ecosystem. Different regulatory systems in the organism are impaired, which is a cause for the development of diseases. The restoration of the organism‘s natural regulatory capacity and thus the symbiosis between humans and microorganisms promotes the healing process and is a central goal of SANUM therapy.

SANUM therapy uses medicines made from specific components of selected strains of bacteria and fungi for this purpose. Their natural regulatory abilities can stimulate and promote a healing
process. In addition, SANUM therapy includes special milieu and elimination preparations, especially for the elimination of persistent, pathogenic bacteria, fungi and viruses.

The effect and success of SANUM therapy has been described in many field reports over decades, meanwhile also from far parts of the world. Through the findings of modern science as well
as studies carried out with SANUM medicines and their ingredients at the Free University of Berlin and the Charité, we are now also able to understand the cell-biological mechanisms of
action of SANUM medicines on the immune, hormonal and nervous systems and to bring them into harmony with the therapeutic experiences described.


Simplified Application of SANUM Therapy for Individual Therapy Plans

In combination with many years of experience and new scientific findings, a new training concept for SANUM therapy has been developed, which enables a structured introduction and systematic training. The introduction to SANUM therapy takes place in two sections, Basic Module I and Basic Module II. The entire therapy concept contained therein comprises three elements, which include system, base and immune regulation. The basic modules I and II build on each other. The aim is that, after completing the basic modules, the therapists gain a sound knowledge
of the application of SANUM therapy, which they can then implement directly in their practice. This can expand the treatment profile of a practice with valuable therapy options.




The Corporate Design of SANUM-Kehlbeck

With the new corporate design we reflect the uniqueness and deep tradition of SANUM therapy. In doing so, create the connection to the "present", to a modern and dynamic corporate development in a modern light.


In addition to new colors and a fresh appearance, the new slogan „Your path to microbial balance“ and the new logo are particularly noteworthy. Both elements reflect the reference to the heart of the company, the SANUM therapy.


New slogan


The goal of SANUM therapy is to maintain and restore the healthy regulatory function of microorganisms and symbiosis, which can support health-promoting processes in the body systems.

New colors

The primarily used petroleum green shade figuratively represents SANUM's history and expertise, as well as strength and optimism. Complementing this, a mint green brings freshness and vitality to the appearance and stands for technology and modernity, which are also reflected in the entire manufacturing process at SANUM.


New Logo

A circle generally stands as a symbol for perfection which in our special case stands for the perfection and complexity of the human being who is in balance.

The colour gradient symbolizes the emergence and decay of natural cycles and therefore the adaptability of microorganisms in their form and function.

The S in the middle of the circle stands for SANUM (Latin for „to be healthy“) that is surrounded by an open circle. The hinted K of Kehlbeck represents an arrow that completes the circle, should it be interrupted and thus the person not be in balance. The arrow is the missing piece of the puzzle that can be actively added by the human being to be back in balance and thus treat a disease.


Our new website in response design contains, in addition to many extended functions and up-to-date content, above all a clearer navigation. Among other things, access to the specialist group area is regulated via the DocCheck query, so that no further registration is necessary.

We are looking forward to another chapter in the history of SANUM-Kehlbeck.

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