Successful SANUM
online seminar

Successful SANUM online seminar in lieu of the cancelled Medical Week in Baden-Baden

With more than 220 participants, we look back on a very successful SANUM online seminar, which focused on “Children of prosperity - consequences of a life between abundance and scarcity”. We were able to win two experienced speakers, Dr. med. vet. Anita Kracke and Prof. Dr. med. Thomas Rau, who inspired the participants from all over Germany and neighbouring countries with their knowledge.

Dr. Kracke asked herself: What future for the future generation? She went into detail and vividly described the consequences of digitalisation for a growing person.

Dr. Thomas Rau - who joined from Switzerland - discussed inflammations of the small intestine as cause of chronic diseases in adolescence. He highlighted the pathophysiological pathways, clinical pictures and backgrounds of how small bowel diseases in childhood cause chronic diseases in adulthood.

Following the presentations, there was a lively live discussion session where all participants could pose their questions.

I do not have any questions,
however, I would like to thank Dr. Kracke for this (yet again) wonderful presentation!!!
Participant of the online seminar
Many thanks
also for the great opportunity to participate in this wonderful event via digital media despite these extraordinary times.
Participant of the online seminar