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SANUM protective masks
for our employees

It has not only become a necessity for everyone, but has also turned into a fashion accessory: the mouth-nose protective mask. However, the primary purpose of this is to ensure safety from a possible virus infection. We do not only focus on the health of our patients, but also on the health of our employees. For us it was obvious that we need to equip our SANUM team with protective masks.

However, they also had to meet our requirements in terms of quality and environmental protection: In addition to fit and comfort, we made sure to choose a variant that was as sustainable as possible.

In other words, one that made sense economically, ecologically and socially. Our masks are made of organic cotton, fair trade, without child labour and produced under environmentally friendly conditions without hazardous chemicals.

Often certified textiles lose their seals after they have been “refined” with their motif print. However, the colours and processes for finishing with the SANUM logo comply with all specifications and all seals are retained.


Conclusion: The mask is sustainable from the start (cotton production) to finish (print). The only thing that is missing is that it can be completely composted and eaten (yet).

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