Naturopath Dr. med. vet Anita Kracke at the award ceremony

Dr. Kracke receives special award

This special award stands, completely in the sense of Hieronymus Bock, for the combination of rational phytotherapy, traditional herbal medicine and the knowledge of folk medicine. Hieronymus Bock is one of the "herbalists" of the Middle Ages and - along with Otto Brunsfeld and Leonhardt Fuchs - is known as the "father of botany". He lived from 1497 to 1554, was born into an apothecary family and was, among other things, a physician. Unlike some of his colleagues of the time, he used many different sources on the subject of phytotherapy, was critical and also brought his own experiences into his works. His emblem is the stinging nettle, his motto "Nihil parvum - nihil contemnendum" - Nothing is low, nothing is to be despised. Bock personifies the creative, open practitioner, who is unfortunately becoming increasingly rare today.

The Hieronymus Bock Society, which has so far awarded the medal itself, commissioned PhytAro, as a training center for phytotherapy, at the beginning of the year, to decide on the award in the future on its own. We have set ourselves the aim to honor primarily the broadly laid out Phytopractitioner. In the sense of Hiermonymus Bock's philosophy of life, he should be open-minded, creative and a therapeutic user. Thus, we in the PhytAro management have decided to honor our colleague Dr. Anita Kracke with this medal in 2020 for her life's work. She is a veterinarian, alternative practitioner, author, scientific employee of a naturopathic company and a well-known as well as popular speaker.


Anita Kracke is able to combine conventional medicine, biochemistry as well as the different sources of phytotherapy into a synergistic conglomerate. She uses rational phytotherapy as well as critically examined traditional herbal medicine and the centuries-old findings of folk medicine. Coming from a farm herself, and today in her late seventies still independently cultivating a garden of a few thousand square meters, she represents not only her excellent acquired knowledge, but also the down-to-earth connection to herbal medicine. Thus, in the spirit of PhytAro and Hieronymus Bock, she stands for the open, creative linking of the various phytotherapeutic sources, their practical applications as well as the never-to-be-forgotten overall connection to nature.

Peter Germann / Gudrun Zeuge- Germann / Uwe Schlutt
PhytAro Heilpflanzenschule Dortmund

Source: BDH Online


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