We have been working on this for a long time and have already announced it. And today the time had finally come: Our new website is online, our new logo is now visible to the public and the new content on SANUM therapy is accessible to all.

As a result of the ongoing Corona protection measures, we were unfortunately unable to hold our planned company party for Brand Day as we had planned. However, we wanted to celebrate the moment, which is so big for SANUM, at least somewhat "solemnly" in the course of the possibilities available to us - and with the entire SANUM team.

All employees dialed in at the same time via an online conference platform to follow the speech of our management LIVE. Our video about the new logo was broadcasted exclusively and all employees could look forward to a little surprise. To make sure the day didn't lose the glow of the new, we decorated our rooms with SANUM balloons and set up screens so that the new corporate videos could be viewed by everyone throughout the day. In summary, a slightly different "celebration" to make the moment memorable for SANUM.