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A report from the marketing department about the first video shoot in the company for the occasion of the relaunch of SANUM.

It is Thursday, November 05, 2020 at 08:00 in the morning. The excitement is rising, now it is done. After weeks of meticulously working out a detailed shooting script, we are putting it into practice for three scheduled days now. The film crew is ready. The individual stations of the schedule have been precisely defined, the respective employees have been briefed and all required simulations have been prepared. The last day of shooting is during shut-down week (time for maintenance work on the machines) - what a luck for us. This allows to also shoot in the sterile areas that are otherwise inaccessible to people from outside the department. 

Ahead of us, there are about 30 shots of various process flows, tests, shots during team meetings and interviews. Will everything run smoothly? Have we thought of everything? What will the shots look like later? However, the anticipation of the result outweighs the tension. The anticipation of our first video by and about SANUM. We walk from station to station carrying lamps, tripods and various recording devices. We wear protective suits, masks, overshoes, hairnets and mouth guards. All prescribed hygiene measures are also observed during the shut-down week. Our two external cameramen have never worked under such conditions. They accept it with complete professionalism and we can notice how impressed they become about the interior workings of our company when progressing from station to station. Our schedule is kept very tight, however at each point they take the necessary time to take the best shots. Whether in suppository production, ampoule screening, blister packaging or drop filling. We are amazed about the possibilities to put individual processes in the limelight.


We are also surprised how quickly some shows are “in the can”, although we had scheduled more time for them. “Be yourself”, this is the stage direction during team meetings and the family scene. For one person or the other, a relaxed posture on call is not quite so easy. However, everyone involved contributes in an excellent manner and you can feel how friendly cooperation is lived at SANUM. We hope that you could accompany us a bit on the SANUM journey with these personal insights into our company. Why not take a look at the splash screen and start our relaunch video. Happy watching.


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